Turning 30 is a pretty big mile stone. I went for a lovely dinner at Adelina Yard for Part 1 of my birthday celebrations (Part 1 because I am going to milk this mother for all its worth) and over our 10 course tasting menu (!!) I discussed all the things I had achieved before turning 30.

(part of our amazing tasting menu at Adelina Yard)

It’s actually quite hard to sit down and talk about how awesome you are, but actually, that is definitely something I’ve learnt in my later years – bloody love yourself!

So, the top 10 things that I’ve achieved in the last decade:

  1. Graduated from Uni
  2. Moved countries and back again
  3. Seen my besties get married
  4. Lost a bunch of weight
  5. Quit my job without having another one lined up
  6. Waited enough time to findĀ an amazing job with ridiculously brilliant and hilarious colleagues
  7. Quit counting calories and syns and just started listening to my body
  8. Saw Beyonce in concert
  9. Saw Flight of the Conchords in concert
  10. Moved in with a long-term partner

I think it is really easy to go too hard on yourself. I know the internet jokes about how it’s an inherently British thing to keep apologising for stuff, but I think on some level this gives people a weird and unnecessary sense of inferiority. Of course it’s good to be humble and modest in life, no one likes a grandiose Johnny Bravo, but it is also really important to have enough confidence in yourself to not have to feel like you have to apologise for everything, you know?

It is of course way easier to preach than to put it into practice, but it’s definitely an exercise I’m going to keep at in my 30s. I think back on my 20s and how much more I could have achieved with a sprinkling of a little more confidence.

I’m definitely going to try and smash this 30s thing, but not to set too many expectations. I just want to go with the flow, and see where it takes me. At the moment, the flow is taking me towards a ridiculous amount of birthday celebrations (5, from the last I counted), but unsure if that’s natural flow or just me being a sassy and demanding birthday princess…oh well. IT’S MY BIRTHDAY AND I’LL DO WHAT I WANT TO which includes eating all the food, drinking all the wine and doing aaall the silent disco jamming.


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