🌟6. My most embarrassing memory is when I was a teacher in Thailand and dressed up as a Christmas present – I was running along and tripped and fell flat on my face in front of a student…
🌟7. My most terrifying memory, also from when I was teaching in Thailand, my class were outside playing football at the end of our P.E lesson. Suddenly I heard screaming and half of my class were running back across the field towards me. I saw in the distance a HUGE black snack, coming through the field. Chaos ensued – half the class scattered, screeching, a few of the boys ran towards it with sticks…Luckily, the snake made a turn and disappeared into the hedge – the most stressful bit of the situation was trying to round up my hyped up kids to get back into the classroom 😂
🌟8. Although I haven’t done it for a while (because it’s an expensive hobby), I used to be an avid cosplayer (have been doing it since 2006!). For those of you who don’t know what cosplay is, it is dressing up as characters from games, tv shows, comics, movies or cartoons. I absolutely love it because I love sewing and crafts and it was a lovely community of people who are brilliant and talented at making things, coming together….and also partying hard. Geeks party HARD.
🌟9. I’m lactose intolerant. I only developed this in my mid 20s so it is very sad! I do have super lactase enzyme tablets which I buy from Holland and Barrett, I find they help me if I’m eating a little bit of dairy, but generally I stick to non-dairy milks!
🌟10. I did an English and Theatre degree and I’m very into theatre and musicals! My current obsession is of course THE GREATEST SHOWMAN but a few of my other favourites are Wicked, Phantom of the Opera and Avenue Q. I would also love to see Hamilton!

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